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You probably already know that I created a company a few years ago that installs and manages multiple security and accounting softwares for any kind of firm. Our latest project is about reducing the costs for a growing company. They spent to much money on changing accounting software and it seems they are quite tired of webinars and trainings that comes with each new system. In this article I will explain what an application should look like in order to reduce the sum of money spent on the following section: cost accounting software. In the past 4 years I installed 34 accounting systems in high schools, comapanys and even for small businesses.

My worst nightmare?

Tracking projects, that one of that system will crash in the middle of the night and I will have to restore the entire lost data. So what is there to be done? Well, you haveto create a good, scalable system and think at the future (you should see how the firm is going to grow in order to know how you will manage the scale problem). It doesn't matter what kind of firm do you have.

, it project management tools Every organisation comes with a growing problem but you should know (as an organisation owner) that the problems should never appear inĀ  the accounting software systems. The cost accounting system is large and often you will want to keep the same system but at bigger dimensions and that is quite hard to do.

As your company develops you will have to manage much more important decisions, investment plans, hire and track more workers and lots of other things. Having a good cost accounting system will permit you to manage it easier and would not become a problem by itself.